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is creating HexstreamSoft: Public Domain Common Lisp R&D

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About Jean-Philippe Paradis (Hexstream)

Please check out my GitHub Sponsors profile first, as that is much more up-to-date, exciting and successful in every way!


Hello. I've been doing Public Domain Common Lisp R&D for 10+ years already.

Some of my more notable contributions are the modern public domain CLOS MOP specification (3 months, then 3 other months to mobile-optimize all my sites including it), the epic FORMAT table (1 month) and the unfortunately incomplete yet still useful Notes and tips: Standard Common Lisp symbols (4 months of hard work).

Find all my Common Lisp related contributions on HexstreamSoft.

Along the way, I have become aware of very serious problems in the Common Lisp community. Exposing these problems has come at a great cost to my reputation, but I feel it's an important community service. We are still in pretty bad shape, but now I think we have the necessary knowledge to commence our revival.

I have several important libraries on the cusp of completion, after spending 5 years on infrastructure I am finally ready to finish them. Notably, a revolutionary replacement for LOOP/Iterate/Series/etc and a lispy FORMAT replacement, a better alternative to metabang-bind, and many other useful innovations. I also have a fairly large backlog of incomplete projects that would deliver great value once completed.

One of the biggest and most important projects in the next few years would be to make a public domain spiritual successor to the CLHS, based on dpANS3. I think my modern public domain CLOS MOP specification proves that I am entirely capable of tackling this project and doing a really great job.


Here are a few details about my personal situation. All my activities in the last 10+ years have effectively been financed by The Mom™. I'm very grateful to her for free food and shelter. (Yes, I live in Mom's Basement™, though I'll mention that most of the usual stereotypes don't apply, notably I lift weights and regularly go for 3 hours shirtless walks in the streets and woods in the summer). I'm very grateful that I was allowed to do what I love (programming and websites) for all this time, without having to join what I like to call "our modern slavery system".

However, despite (or because?) of all the value that I have provided for free to the world for all these years, as of 15 october 2018, I am dirt poor. I don't have much expenses and I don't have debts, but I don't have any significant revenues either. (Around 840$ a year.) This is obviously patently unsustainable, and also incredibly depressing and stressful. If we could find a road towards sustainability, that would be really great and I am sure it would increase my productivity, and thus the value I can provide to the world. I am counting on you! Thank you!
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I should be able to live poorly doing what I love.
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