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Hey guys, welcome back :^)

I've toyed with making a Patreon for literally months, but considering this year is going to be pretty life changing for me, I figured it was finally time.

In June this year, I graduate from University, and my plan is to pursue YouTube as a full time career. It's something that wasn't even close to being a pipe-dream a few years ago, but thanks to the overwhelming support and growth I've seen over the past 2 years or so, it's become a reality, but even with this in mind, I still need some help.

After the countless disasters YouTube faced last year, to the impending ones it'll likely face this year, my current income via YouTube could change very quickly, and Patreon is a fantastic way for you guys to give a little more back, should you choose to, and at the same time help me towards somewhat of a stable income.

Donating is 100% not necessary, it's just a way to help me out if you value my content enough to do so. If you do, I am eternally grateful, no matter how much you donate a month

If you choose to donate, you're a legend. If you don't choose to donate, you're still a legend. I don't want this to create a divide between you guys, rather it be a way for a small percentage of you who really enjoy my content, and are in a position to do so, to throw ya boi a couple dollars in gratitude.

So, ya. There's my cheesy Patreon pick-up line.

Thanks for reading guys, and if you choose to donate, thank you so so so so much, and I'll catch you, in the next one... 

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