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About Hiding in Public

I was a Philosophy and Psychology double major in university, and enjoy finding and thinking through these types of elements in media, usually using it as a lens to help work through and better understand my life and its circumstances.

Now I'm trying to go full time with it, and that means being supported financially.  Since my videos can be varied in terms of their niche, and youtube ads are so spotty, I have a patreon to hopefully help ends meet.
$462 of $500 per month
Metaphorically giving me a fireproof suit to wear in a volcano.

This is almost enough to split apartment cost with a room-mate, with the help of adsense and probably another part time job, I can barely manage to get by making youtube videos as a career.

Most all of this will be put into savings and/or will start putting much of it into savings for emergencies, and saving for cons (AX).

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