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is creating Music, Film, Circus, Ceremony, Storytelling, Theatre, Transforma

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        About Hjeron O'Sidhe

        Hail And Greetings!!!
        I am a MythMaker.
         I help people and create art, music and visions for the future.

        Recently I asked Myself:
        "Who would be interested in supporting my offerings so I can create more?"

        I am here to offer you all....
        Unreleased and rare writings from the "Wyrding Way" "Heathen StrangeFellow & the VaudeVille Vagabonds" and my other musical projects.
        Recording meditations and private sessions/input on my "Warriors Path Life Coaching"
        Unreleased and rare MYTHMAKER footage, audio, art and THE COMIC BOOK!!!
        Also video workshops on everything from shamanism to leatherwork, runes to sacred theatre, grant writing to rewilding parenting skills.
        I have so much to offer and so many things I want to gift to this world and community. It's seems like a waste of resources that I am spending my time as a cog in this cultural machine, when I have tools to help change it.
        Who would support me making more art, culture, music and ritual?
        Who would join in the adventure and gain access to inner circle and first experiences (with input and collaboration) on what this MythMaker community can create!
        The vision is here, the tools gained and growing.
        We just need the resources and support.
        The vision is culture shifting and dream creating.
        I can't do it alone
        I need community support
        I need you.
        I need us to make this dream happen!
        Who is with me?
        Who would join in and support the adventure?
        In blessings and service
        Hjeron O'Sidhe

        Full album/short films and ritual tour with my Shamanic rock band "The Wyrding Way"
        MythMaker film and story productions
        Warriors path coaching videos and retreats.
        Mythmaker Jedi school and training (for adults and youth)
        Land and living (I have spent 20 years studying intentional community and tribal living dynamics)
        A vision to help shift culture through self work, art, music film and Magick!
        The possibilities are endless and we need help and collaboration!
        The quest is afoot
        It just needs you!

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