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Our Mission

Everyone deserves access to high quality personal support; we help the young, elderly, those with additional accessibility needs, and those who are fully able.

We help individuals with the tasks of every day living. We assist with a plethora of tasks ranging from housekeeping, yard work, socialization, elder care, motivational support and personal cook services.

We are dedicated to client contentment through holistic care. Utilizing a people-based business model, we demand inclusive involvement from within the company to achieve greater access to personal fulfillment for clients, employees, and the community. Holistic Contentment is dedicated to the following values:

Affordability: We offer a gradient scale for those in need.

Responsibility: We stay accountable to people instead of corporations through transparency and sponsorship from the community.

Community & Individual Access: Excess funds support the gradient fee scale, client and employee enrichment. As we are able, we will build a grant program to support other local people based businesses.

Employment Feasibility: We offer a $15 an hour  front-line service work wage, and ensure that administration will not make more than 10% over any other employee.
$36 of $3,500 per month
Our Goal

We aim to earn $3,500 a month through patronage; this will enable us to fund:

☆ A minimum of 80 hours of gradient scale services per month. Our standard rate is $23/hr, and our fee goes down to $15 an hour out of pocket. That equates to $640 of patronage going directly towards supporting individuals in need. This covers the cost per hour not paid by the sliding fee patrons and and goes into furthering our goals of individual and community support.

☆ 35 hours of free emergency personal assistance per month, at $23 an hour. That equates to $805 of patronage going directly to individuals in need. Our free emergency services extend to individuals and families in need due to unexpected emergencies. This also covers our Homeless Advocacy Work, in which one of our assistant directors will help individuals in need learn about and connect with local resources that work to empower and assist individuals in situations of extreme poverty.

☆ $150 a month will go towards purchasing supplies to support our free and public EmpowerARTment Group (Starting January 1rst, 2019), in which individuals will be able to join a supportive environment with the common goal of creating art to assist oneself in understand and enthusiastically work towards empowerment.

☆ $150 will go towards funding our free and public Self-Care Club, in which individuals will have a flowing yet structured environment to explore what self-care looks like to them as well as psychological support to help make their self-care goals a reality (starting in early 2019).

☆ $250 will go towards providing grants to other regional, people-based businesses in the Missoula area, in order to bolster the local community.

☆ $250 will go towards skill-building and artistic access for clients and employees who otherwise could not afford to pursue their goals.

☆ Meeting our monthly goal will also make certain that we are able to provide your art and written content rewards at high quality, while paying artists fairly (15$/hr for employee artists and non-hassle artist set pay for independent artists).

☆ Lastly; meeting our goal will ensure that we can keep costs to consumers down by enabling the administrative team to have approximately 1/4 of it's funding covered (3 hours per week, at $16.00/hr, for three people, equating out to $576) by individuals like you, who believe in our vision of raising one another up, helping everyone thrive, and reaching our highest potentials---together.
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