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You will have my gratitude, there is nothing I can offer but my promise to write.




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Greetings all, I am the writer of the hollow universe. I write short stories about four different worlds that are all linked, despite them all being very different they are all tied together by the same mad god. I try to release four stories a month, each one representing a different world.

I want to write as a job and this seemed like a viable medium for me to obtain money. I also think this is a great way for creatives to receive money based on how much people are willing to pay.
Money allows me to forego having a day job, something that takes up a lot of my time. As more and more money comes in I will be able to cut my hours down and focus on writing solely.

My writing is currently located on my own personal website, I would encourage you all to have a look and see if it is something you would be interested in seeing developed.
It is all in early stages but the more funding I receive will increase the frequency in which I can upload content. My current rate varies due to work. I would thoroughly enjoy the idea of upgrading my website to allow better viewing, sadly I do not have the time right now.

As well as my website I now upload spoken versions of my stories to my YouTube channel.

In short I have no schedule as my work load varys, below is my aim once I have more free time:

Every Saturday 12:00PM NZ Standard time - Short story
(Four shorts to be released a month)

Every Wednesday 10:00pm NZ standard time - talking story on Youtube
(Four spoken stories a month)

Hoping to be able to set a fuller schedule with additional content with more funding.

Bottom line
All my writing is free, and it always will be. I write because I love to write, but I would love to write for a job. With funding I can dedicate the remainder of my life to writing.
I have nothing else but the promise of writing quality content as a reward, that is why I do not want anyone donating over $1 a month. If anyone here could think of an award for higher donations please tell me, I would be willing to listen.
I want this to be my job but I want it to be in a way that I do not exclude people from my works just because they don't have money.
$1 of $100 per month
I will dedicate time every week to setting up story arcs, making my stories flow more.
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