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Violet: WIPs

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Even a single dollar is super important, appreciated, and very helpful!
You are absolutely amazing and it means *so* much to me that you're interested in seeing more art from me!

This will give you access to my Patreon-only activity feed here where I will be posting WIP images. A new post will go up every other day.

Indigo: Digital Postcard

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Every month I will make a fun digital thank you postcard image. In this reward level you will get the high resolution image with no words/watermarks. What will I draw on the postcard? Who knows! It will be whatever I happen to be excited about that month. There is a high probability that it may be seasonal or festive - I am super into seasonal things and Americanized fun holidays. Occasionally I will mix it up with photographs of sketches from my physical postcards.

This will also give you access to Violet rewards (WIP pictures).

Blue: Tutorials

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I will periodically make a tutorial with pictures to explain how I do certain things.
Do you have something specific you're interested in and would like to see more information about? Let me know! I would love for the tutorial topics to be driven by your questions so I can make things that will be helpful to you.

This will also give you access to Violet and Indigo rewards (WIP pictures and digital postcards).



About HollyIvyDesigns

Hi there! Thank you for taking the time to visit my Patreon page! My name is Ashley. I'm a professional artist who is primarily focused on making plushes and patterns. Join me on my creative quest and see my artwork as I share my passion for creation, progress, knowledge, and techniques with you!

Patreon allows awesome people like you to support an artist by making a monthly pledge. In return you get fun rewards (see rewards below)!
 Pledge as little or as much as you'd like - even a single dollar is *amazing* and is huge help!
 You are charged at the beginning of each month. It's easy to cancel or change your pledge amount at any time.

If you do choose to contribute to my Patreon, you'll make it possible for me to invest more time and money into making more fun and exciting content for everyone to enjoy. Firstly and most importantly you will get my thanks and appreciation. Without people like you that enjoy my artwork I wouldn't be able to have this career path and I am very grateful to each and every one of you.
Some of the things I will do include:
 WIP images for a behind-the-scenes look into my plushes
 Add more patterns/designs to my portfolio
 Expand my skill sets and spend more time experimenting with new techniques
 Purchase new equipment and supplies
 Write tutorials
 Make awesome new things!

I love and treasure every single person who expresses an interest in my art - even if you choose not to contribute to my Patreon I still appreciate you and hope that you'll continue to follow me here or on my DeviantArt page where I will still be posting all of my finished projects to the public. If you can't join my Patreon but would still like to help in another way please consider sharing my page on your favorite social media site - getting my name out there is a huge help! Thank you for the love and support I've received from my patrons, customers, my friends, my amazing husband, and my family!

Prefer to make a one-time donation/tip? You can do so here: My Paypal.Me

Thank you from me, my husband, and my two furry babies!

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I will start making tutorials - I will be taking suggestions from all of you on what topics you would like to see!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 855 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 855 exclusive posts

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