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Holy Fish makes a great pet!

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Scratched from Holy Naiguata's Minion Tax (Therefore avoiding arrest and/or torture).

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  • Help me decide what ilustrarion characters do next, as well as backgrounds. Be part of the art process.
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When getting the specimen: Do not pet the tits or wings; or you'll be killed!




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(Post are in English and Spanish/ Todas las publicaciones están tanto en inglés como en español)
Devoted servant to the first emperor HOLY NAIGUATA!
As one of his minions, Marcos San Juan is an artist who creates fantasy and science fiction illustrations and stories (in addition to other related projects) Always to satisfy his master! 

How Exactly Does Patreon Work?
Marcos is now on Patroen because in other social-media he can't really give back full content (and its process). Here, patrons present him the opportunity to continue crafting more customized compositions for you in full communication with the whole Naiguata's community ¡The praises will always go to his holiness the emperor! Simply choose an amount you'd like to contribute each month from one of the reward tiers. Click on "BECOME PATRON"

And Holy Naiguatá is unforgiving. Make no mistake! As soon as you get access to Marcos' exclusive content and Youtube Channel, Marcos will feed day and night all of his creations,  book project and special artistic notes to his lord and his patrons to survive every week. Perhaps, he will be appointed a free man one day! 
The Holy Emperor will not overlook your enthusiasm.

May the blessed and divine Naiguatá bite you hard!
Daughters of Naiguatá.

Your servant,
M.San Juan.

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Breaking the ice! Naiguata's first exclusive:
By doing this, I will be appointed a new cell to sleep on with fresh paints and food. I will serve faithfully and work better on all of the rewards for his Emperor Holy Naiguatá and his patrons.

Servants can only dream of such honor! 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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