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Twigs are generally not very tasty and some are not even edible! But they are a start to a warm fire and you my friend are the spark! Welcome to our community.

Nature Craft Box!!
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Each month we will be creating a special blend that is relevant to the month AND you will get it first!!
You will get a hand crafted, wild foraged Personally created Wild Harvested Herbal Formula each month! 
Foraging, crafting and creating is a huge part of HomeSkoolie. Now you are a part of it.
Create Your Healthiest Life!
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Chat with Stephanie Mathews personally about your health: mind, body, spirit, and emotional plus receive your own personally crafted formula! This is made specifically for your needs!! 
No more trying to figure out how to get to those goals that you desire in your health, you will have the support, hand holding and guidance you need to make your lifestyle the one you desire!! 




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Becoming a nomadic family has been quite the adventure. We follow our hearts and trust in the process of the great unknown. Because we never know what the future holds, we've learned to live without expectations. In doing so we feel present, sometimes lost, but truly alive.

When we started to record and share our lives on Youtube, we did so because we were inspired by others who did the same. Although I (Travis) did not want my family and I spread all over the internet and social media, I had a deep feeling that this was what I was supposed to do. I did not understand at the time why, other than hoping to inspire others, but I listened to my heart and proceeded to pursue in sharing our lives and experiences with the world.

I now feel that I understand, We now understand why we are sharing our lifestyle with the world. To Educate, to Heal, to Inspire, to Change perspectives, and to Create Community.

Through community we can all lean on and learn from each other. We can make great things happen! We can share in experiences together and use these experiences to educate each other and give the youth of this world something of real value.

We are not a a fake reality television show. We do not sugar coat or choreograph our actions. 
We are not out to sell you the latest Amazon products. We do not want commercials in our videos.

We are seeking to change lives, to inspire and educate, and to create community.

Become part of our community by joining our Patreon. By becoming a Patron you will help support us and help build our community, your community.

Your contributions help in the aid building of our community. Proceeds will also go towards building community events and will enable us to offer our Patrons better rewards in the future.


What we will soon have to offer on our website
We will be offering discounts to our Patrons for all of these events.

* Unique Foraging Workshops
*Auric Dancing Classes and Guided Meditations
*Alternative Healing Workshops and Programs
*Seasonal Solstice Celebrations and Gatherings
*Weekend Retreats and 1 on 1 Programs
*Monthly prize drawings 


We not only want to create community, we actually want to build Nomadic Self Sustainable Communities throughout the country. For those of you who believe in what we are doing,
We Thank You. 

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Once we reach our first 10 Patrons we'll begin to offer tangible rewards to our Patrons.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts

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