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Here on Home Synthesis, I aim to combine theoretical and practical knowledge of chemistry to make chemicals at home in an effort to engage the community in chemistry and teach a few tips and tricks about carrying out reactions and creating chemicals for a variety of uses.

Every video I post includes a materials list and a truncated procedure that should allow anyone with basic chemistry skills and knowledge to perform any of the syntheses and extractions that I post.

Finally, I have no professional equipment, so while I do attempt to make videos for most if not all of the requested syntheses and extractions, some may simply be out of my reach due to my limitations. This is why I am aiming to try to make money through Patreon, so that I can hopefully start broadening my horizons and making more and more chemistry videos.
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If and when I reach $250 per video, I will try to stick to a more structured post schedule, as well as committing to posting at least 6 videos per month.
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