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Milestone Goals
Dependable Updates
$550 per month
10 or more game reviews will be posted each month. This funding level will allow us to offer contributors dependable compensation for the work they put into producing that content.
More Content
$1,100 per month
We'll double our review output, offering more writers chances to earn money doing what they love.
Broader Review Coverage
$1,700 per month
There are often games that sites can't cover but really should, since so many new releases arrive from month to month. At this level, we can cover a greater number of indie and niche titles without sacrificing coverage for blockbusters.
Expanded Retro Coverage
$3,000 per month
We'll expand our retro coverage to include 20 retro reviews each month, for classic games other sites all too often ignore, while offering better payment for reviews for newer releases that tend to require more time.
More Competitive Rates
$5,000 per month
The rates we'll be able to offer at this level will be more competitive, and we'll be able to offer still more reviews, bringing the site somewhere near an optimal level of output.


HonestGamers is an independent video game site focused on providing reviews and guides for games appearing on consoles, handhelds, mobile devices and PC, from the dawn of the medium and onward...

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HonestGamers (http://www.honestgamers.com/) is an independent game reviews site founded in 1998. We've been covering games for a long time, and we've helped launch a lot of careers. We'd like to keep doing that, but we need your help.

HonestGamers Right Now

We've reviewed thousands of games over the years. We believe game reviews should be written by people who love playing games and who love sharing that passion. So, what do we have to show for our years of effort? Here are just a few examples of the reviews we've produced so far...

Staff/Freelance reviews:
Dark Souls review by Jason Venter
Bloodborne review by Mike Suskie
Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure by Gary Hartley
Uncharted 3 review by Tom Chick
Mount & Blade: With Fire and Sword review by Rob Zacny
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance by Kat Bailey
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty by Troy Goodfellow
Avatar: The Last Airbender - The Burning Earth review by Danny Cowan
Dear Esther review by Andy Chalk

Check the site to find thousands more.

HonestGamers in the Future

We'll continue to produce as much great content as we can, but you can help us to expand our scope. Tell your friends about your favorite content we've produced. Interact with us on social media. And, of course, do whatever you can to support this Patreon project.

The Plan

If you offer your assistance and we reach the milestones indicated below, we can produce the content outlined (do the math and you'll find that we've set aside a percentage to pay required processing fees).

Have any questions, ideas or comments? Please reach out ( jason AT honestgamers DOT com) and we may be in touch. Thanks for your support!

At $550 level:
10 reviews * $50 = $500 

At $1,100 level:
20 reviews * $50 = $1,000

At $1,700 level:
30 reviews * $50 = $1,500

At $3,000 level:
30 reviews * $75 = $2,250 
20 retro reviews * $25 = $500

At $5,000 level:
35 reviews * $100 = $3,500
20 retro reviews * $50 = $1,000

Final Notes

The rates reflected above are reasonable minimums for a niche outlet. Routinely producing quality content is hard work, and writers require fair compensation. If we exceed the pledge levels outlined above, we can do better still.
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