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When Karen began to tell people the story of her reunion with her birthson in 2015, the powerful and moving stories of friends started coming out.

Nobody is alone. There are so many profound, intense, raw stories that people hide because they feel ashamed, because they feel that nobody will understand them, because they fear being judged.
We want people to hear these real raw human stories. Stories about adoptee abandonment issues, family dynamics, jealousy between a birthmother and adoptive mother, the experience of abortion, and the guilt for the relief that sometimes follows.

It's an act of generosity for our guests to share their feelings and experiences. If you were pregnant and afraid, would you want to talk to someone who would tell you what you SHOULD do, or someone who has had a firsthand experience walking on that road? Someone without an agenda who could just talk about how it felt and why they made the decisions that they did. 

Our vulnerable tender humanness is what makes our lives meaningful. If we had lives without adversity, imperfection and ugliness how would we grow, develop, refine our experience and make meaningful connections with others?

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