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    That's a LAYERED question to say the least. So I'll keep it brief:
    • military veteran
    • Semi-pro basketball player (overseas MANY MOONS AGO)
    • retired Chicago cop
    • animator (having worked on Warner Bros properties)
    • comic book artist (having worked with Marvel licensing)
    • basketball coach
    • marriage coach
    • freelance illustrator
    • father of 4
    • eldest of 5
    • grand-dad of 3 (to date Mykayael, Harper, Liam)  
    • Husband to 1 for 23 yrs!!
    • Licensed & ordained minister
    I LOVE THE LORD!!!  I'm a church-boy at heart!  Most would say I'm a 'PK' (Preacher's Kid) and they would NOT be wrong. You see I didn't have just one parent that was in the ministry...I HAD TWO!!  I grew up in the Church & was raised by two amazing Jesus loving, anointed, licensed & ordained ministers. Now that's all fine and well, but that's not the only important thing (I think) that qualifies me to be taking on a mission of this magnitude.  I also have over 30 years as a professional artist with over 20 years of (freelance) industry experience with animation, video game, & Marvel credits.

    On my journey to becoming a REAL pro-level artist, I was fortunate to have had access to some pretty accomplished creative circles FAR BEYOND my skill level (at the time). I was granted a first-row, 'behind-the-scenes' seat to the mainstream pro comic book & (related) entertainment industry I desperately hoped to join someday.  Sadly, what I saw was (often) callous & predatory when it came to the treatment of the incredible artists & creatives that were it's life's blood. If that were'nt enough, the industry seemed to be on a sincere mission to remove all the innocence & purity that had made it the 'go to' past time for children (it NO LONGER targeted) as well as exorcised anything resembling moral, or social ethics. It was instead opting for gratuitous sex & violence (without context) over entertainment & substance.  The powers-that-be seemed content with feeding our basest natures for the sake of profit & fame.

    It was as if the industry that once inspired a generation to dream of flying & be better versions of ourselves seemed to be steadily losing its'... (I'll just go ahead & go there) HONOR.

    Sometime later, my son Jordan came home from school {2nd grade I think} SOOOO excited about these 'COOL' game cards all the kids were trading & playing.  Being the son of an artist he just KNEW the art alone would catch my attention. Though the art was indeed truly exceptional & dynamic, what REALLY caught my attention were the names & character descriptions that BOLDLY graced many of the cards. They were the names of actual DEMONS mentioned throughout many cultures & pagan texts & the game rules called for the summoning of said characters in order activate particular powers in gameplay! 

    As someone that personally knows {ALL TOO INTIMATELY} the truth regarding spiritual warfare & demonic powers...
    Growing up in a deeply (and sometimes OVERLY) 'religious' environment, I wasn't one to (TYPICALLY) blow such things out of proportion. Yet, the DIABOLICAL nature of what I determined to be the BLATANT demonic seduction & spiritual desensitization of an entire generation could NOT BE IGNORED.

    I had my own kids now. And as I researched deeper I found this was not just a trend but had become an entertainment norm.  Games & toys such as these were littering the marketplace with TREMENDOUS success & that just didn't sit well with me.

    Something had to be done!  But I was just a cop.  What could I do?  Then the answer hit me like a thunderbolt!!


    Her answer was as matter-of-fact as it could be.  She said, "You know what's it's like trying to remain true to your faith without all the options the other kids had when you were growing up.  You may not have agreed with the extent to which your parents censored your creative inclinations at the time, but now you know the 'parental' heart behind it.  Who better than you 'GETS IT' from both child & parents' perspective when it comes to 'ENTERTAINING WITHOUT COMPROMISE.'  You're the artist bae.  Why not create the characters & stories with all the 'cool stuff' you would've wanted {what your son & his friends now want too} & marry it with the content that brings HONOR to your God."  

     I held that little pearl of wisdom against the light of all that I had seen & experienced in my creative, personal, professional, & spiritual life . Having seen firsthand how many mainstream POWERHOUSE entities casually disregarded, unappreciated, & eventually abandoned SO MANY artists I had admired & even knew personally sickened me. So only one word seemed to capture the totality who I desired to be, what I desired to create, how it NEEDED to operate, & how I wanted present the 'first-fruit' {the gifts given me} back God.


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    HonorStudios Entertainment is a (mainstream quality standard) FAITH-centered production studio seeking to bring engaging & wholesome comics, games, toys & (ultimately) animated shows of the HIGHEST quality to the general public...without compromise. Your support at ANY tier will financially enable us to acquire the necessary equipment & software to bring our creations to life. Your monthly contribution will also provide appropriate compensation for our artists (with resumes from studios ranging from MARVEL & DC comics, major video games, & more) so they can consistently bring the A-GAME our Lord & saviour demands & the world at large needs. With your help we can BRING HONOR BACK TO ENTERTAINMENT! 
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