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About Hood Biologist

About Shay-Akil:
Dr. Shay-Akil McLean, Ph.D. (@Hood_Biologist) is a Queer Trans man racialized as Black, on stolen Indigenous land, an educator, organizer, writer, public intellectual, human biologist, anthropologist & sociologist. Shay-Akil earned his Ph.D. from the UIUC School of Integrative Biology’s Program for Ecology, Evolution, & Conservation (PEEC). Shay-Akil studies Du Boisian sociology, STS/HASTS, race/ism, human health demography, evolutionary genetics, & theoretical population genetics. He holds degrees in biological anthropology (BA & MA) & sociology (BA & MA) which he uses to study bioethics, medical ethics, philosophy of biology, population genetics, evolutionary theory, health inequities, & knowledge production. As a scholar, Shay-Akil studies how systems of human practices produce the differential distribution of health, illness, quality of life, and death. He is also the founder of the free political education website decolonizeallthethings.com & the free scientific ethics website decolonizeallthescience.com.

Shay-Akil's Master's work in biological anthropology looked at the effects of food insecurity, poverty, & racial residential segregation on the dental health of low-income Black people in the 4th poorest city in the United States. It is through this work that Shay-Akil began developing community-based grassroots interventions that focus on creating tools for colonized peoples to use for protecting themselves & their loved ones from racist medical institutional practices.

The goal of Shay-Akil's work is to create spaces for strategic gains toward organizing communities against the structural violence that heavily affects disease risk, quality of life, & death.

Shay-Akil has developed & facilitated workshops, teach-ins, Saturday school programs, designed curricula, & given guest lectures on a range of topics including:
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