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About Horny Monster

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All links and realease dates is - here


Nice to see you on my Patreon page! Let me introduce myself! I'm HornyMonster. That's right, in one word. You're right, it's a little long. So you can just call me Horny. I'm currently working on a game called Lewd Story.

I'm here to corrupt the population through interactive entertainment.You can join  into the community of like-minded people in DISCORD . It also publishes news and exclusive materials available to all.

Lewd story - Current

Try - here

This is a classic visual novel with a large number of relatively short routes. Make decisions and bring your character to the finale that you feel most comfortable with or try to discover all possible endings. One of the main features is the Ethos system available to the player. There are four available ethical profiles: romantic, pervert, dominant and neutral. Not only the endings, but the nature of the whole narrative will depend on the Ethos option selected.

The project is based on the original game by Mugetsu and generally repeats the basic plot structure, but if you consider the number of changes both already available and planned, then this is a complete remake, which only partially repeat the original.

You are an ordinary succubus from the mind control department. And you are the one who gets the very important mission to find and retrieve the latest top-secret invention of the scientific department – the portable lust crystal. All you have to do is put your life, consciousness and career at stake. Combining your consciousness with the crystal through the astral trail, you know, is a rather risky task. But…

This story is not about you, but about the guy who became the bearer of the crystal. You have to influence his decisions, manipulate his feelings, and generally make a super stud out of him... or a pervert ... or someone who will allow you to attract as much lust energy as possible to the crystal, so that we can find and safely retrieve our precious invention. As a reward, you will be allowed to retain your job, if you remain alive, that is. You’ve got 4 weeks; time is running out.

Features (game in progress, don't forget):
  • HD Renders
  • Animation
  • Many routes
  • A lot of female characters for every taste.
  • Platforms: Win, Linux, Mac and maybe Android.

P.S. I'm not a native English speaker. That's why English in my posts is far from perfect.
But in game english much better. 

59% complete
Reaching this goal means that you like what I am do. It gives me a little bit of optimism. Most of the money goes to the translation. So you can be sure of the quality of the translation.
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