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By giving us a dollar each month you're showing us that you appreciate our work and you're helping us to create even higher quality content, steadily released on schedule. Yeah... that's all you get--the personal satisfaction of pseudo-charity work and our personal gratitude. Ok fine, we'll throw you a bone:

- We'll follow you on all your social media profiles, and if you're lucky, we'll like/comment on some of your posts and/or harass you vehemently. 


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Wow.... are you sure? This will probably get spent on Bacardi (read: definitely). Ok, so, you should probably get something in return. For $3 a month:

- You'll receive the previous tier reward.  

- You'll have access to the actual scripts 3 days before the release of the next episode. Cool? Good luck deciphering that mess.

Honorary Citizen of Harbor City

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Because you already know everyone calls it Horror City. You're that guy!
- You'll receive every reward in the previous tiers.

- You will be added to the citizen sponsor page at HorrorCityRadio.com and given a shoutout in the current episode credits. You are the reason we'll need addiction therapy in the near future.



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