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About BoogeyMan Ben's Horror Zone

Greetings Fellow Fright Fiends and welcome to BoogeyMan Ben's Horror Zone.

BoogeyMan Ben's Horror Zone has always been a labor of love for me. I started the YouTube channel back in 2010 as a way to have an outlet to talk about / share my love of the Horror Genre with others. Being able to share this passion with people around the world means more to me than anything. 

In recent times Horror channels like mine have been taking a hit on YouTube. New practices enacted by the company have specifically flagged horror content created as "Not Suitable for All Advertisers", which not only limits the revenue I can make but it also limits the amount of new viewership to my channel. YouTube will no longer promote channels they cannot make money off of. 

This opportunity with Patreon will allow me to not only continue to make the content that I love but continue to grow the Horror Zone page free of judgement.

I want to thank you for taking the time to stop by my page.

Stay Cool and Stay Scared
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My goal for 2019 is to reach 50 Patrons. This will allow me to not have to worry about monitization on YouTube. It will also allow me to do much more creative and better quality videos. 

I really appreciate all the support 
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