Horus Gilgamesh is creating a Friendly Approach to Secular Outreach

Faster Escape!

$1 /mo
Your "reward" is four less heavy quarters weighing down your pants and jingling when you try to survive the zombie apocalypse! Seriously - silent pants that won't slow you down? You will i...

Better Than Spit!

$5 /mo
Your couch cushions must be pretty deep if you found enough quarters to buy me a grande skinny Mexican Mocha with no whip! In addition to the patron-only discounts on all signed books

Cheers To You!

$10 /mo
As much as I'd love to share a goblet of hot savior blood with you, we'll have to settle for the next best thing. Instead, in addition to the goodies above, I'll send you ...

Where Do You Live?

$25 /mo
No, really - I need your address. In addition to all of the goodies above, I'd like to send you a special signed copy of my latest book along with a surprise gift made by yours truly.

3... 2... 1... Say, "Cheese!"

$50 /mo
Are you a fan of our whimsical artistic style? Would you like a piece of custom artwork made just for you? Need a new profile pic? Celebrating a special occasion? I will w...

Ugh. I'm speechless.

$100 /mo
When others encouraged me to join Patreon, I wasn't really comfortable with accepting any gifts from strangers. But then I realized that for the fans who really understand...