Hoshi-Hana is creating Art ~ step-by-step ~ speedpaints

StarFlower Seedie

$1 /mo
You're my Hoshian, who has planted a Starflower seedie which gives hope to reach my dreams. Thank you so much for making it possible.  You're totally awesome!


StarFlower Sproutie

$5 /mo
Your Starflower seedie has become a Starflower sproutie, which gives life to a more solid hope for the future. Thank you so very much. You're simply an amazing Hoshian!


StarFlower Plantie

$10 /mo
Your Starflower sproutie has become a Starflower plantie, which brings me even closer to my dreams. I can't express my gratitude enough. Thank you so so very much my dear Hoshian.

StarFlower Baby

$15 /mo
Wow! Your Starflower plantie has evolved into a Starflower baby.  Your care and support has made it possible! I can't describe how much your support means to me. To know that someone has so...

StarFlower Youth

$25 /mo
Your Starflower baby has developed into its youth form . You, my Hoshian, are simply the cherry at the top of the dessert. I'll be forever grateful to you! Thank you from the very bottom of...

Full-Fledged StarFlower

$50 /mo

Your Starflower has reached adulthood. You, my Hoshian, are really just an darling beyond compare. I'll be forever grateful to you! Let's just say I never imagined I would get this...