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About Hot Bunny (Adult games 18+)

Thank you for visiting our Patreon page!

"Hot bunny" is a small group of fans of gamedev and games. 

Who knows what players need more than the gamers themselves? What we offer is games for those over 18 years of age, since our games feature quite a lot of mature and or explicit content. As the saying goes 'Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll!':)

Get involved in our project - support us in any way you want: financially or emotionally, since all of this is for you and without your help, the project can't progress. We have to work on the games in our free time, after we're done with our work, but we don't give up and believe that we will succeed.
Together we are strong!

And remember, we make games with love!

For all complaints and suggestions, please contact this email:
[email protected]

"Pirates: Golden tits"  is an explicit pirate simulator. You get to control a young pirate captain, who has just acquired his first ship and who also has lots of adventures, treasures and wet girls awaiting him! Of course, everything you can do in the game has to be achieved, you have to learn to get those shiners! There a lot of ways to do that, actually, such as robbery, trading, fishing or even gambling. But don't get the wrong impression, it's not as easy as it might seem. You're not the only one out there. 
Be prepared to spend your precious gold not only on sexy girls, but also on upgrades for your ship, new ships and other ways to protect yourself and your riches. Also, don't forget you can hire not only bluejackets, but people with unique abilities and traits. And for some reason, they're all female (we have absolutely no idea why ;)). So, if you can find the right way to approach them, they might make your day a little bit brighter. And that's not all that awaits you. So shake the dust off your tricorn and take the helm!

Yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum!

Pirates: GT (0.10v) [FREE]: Download

Pirates: GT (0.11v) [1$+]: Download

Pirates: GT (0.12v) [5$+]: Download

Twitter - Click

VK - Click

♦ Tons of adult scenes ♦
♦ more than 5 towns ♦
♦ More than 20 islands ♦
♦ More than 40 locations ♦
♦ More than 50 characters ♦
♦ More than 30 different ships ♦
♦ 5 Nations (England, France, Spain, Holland, Pirates) ♦
♦ Active town map ♦
♦ Marine battles and Boarding ♦
♦ Combat system ♦
♦ Inventory and money system ♦
♦ Changing character stats ♦
♦ Many minigames ♦
♦ The ability to play for other characters ♦
♦ A lot of various tags and fetishes ♦
♦ Complex nonlinear storyline ♦

♥ MILF ♥
♥ Big tits ♥
♥ Femdom ♥
♥ Blowjob ♥
♥ Voyeurism ♥
♥ Anal ♥
♥ Corruption ♥
♥ BDSM ♥
♥ Adult toys ♥
♥ Interracial ♥
♥ Cuckold (Optional) ♥
♥ Foot Fetish ♥
♥ Humiliation ♥
♥ Hypnosis ♥
♥ Bisexuals ♥
♥ Lesbians ♥

By the way, our script writer has his own projects.
If you are interested, click on the picture:

Thanks to everyone who supports us!
$1,549.01 of $2,000 per month
If Hot Bunny reaches this goal he can dedicate a lot more time on his projects.
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