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About House Gamers

Hello from Canada!

Who are we?

We are the House Gamers! You most likely know us through our airsoft videos, but if you came here through our gaming channel then that's awsome! We make airsoft and gaming videos for YouTube.
At the moment we are able to publish one video a week to the airsoft channel (which is great!) and post infrequently to the gaming channel (Not so great). But we want to do more! We want to grow both of our channels into the best airsoft and gaming channels possible. Our goal is to publish two videos a week to both channels. Unfortunately, editing and recording take a lot of time and effort. Currently we're making videos in our free time while still working part time (or attending university). With your help we'll be able to dedicate far more time to creating videos.

What will we do with your money?

Spend it. To be more descriptive, we will use it to pay for camera equipment, airsoft gear, and any general expenses that are required to miss days of work so that we can make content for the entirety of the internet (including you).

Why should you support us?

Since you're on this page I assume you enjoy the content we make and distribute to your eyes and ears. We're hoping that if you enjoy it you'd be ok with supporting us in the process of making more. And since we're in Canada, after converting currencies your money will go that much further! (Assuming you're in the US).

Does anyone actually read these things?

Well it looks like you did. Thanks! It took a little while to write.

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