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Missed a combo you want to learn? Want to practice a combo you love? Want to work on your technique? Or is the studio closed due to a pandemic and you just want to keep dancing at home? We’ll be uploading new classes weekly for you to watch and learn anytime you want - in a variety of styles and levels, including choreography and foundations,  from beginner to advanced!

Learn from our amazing faculty and connect with our community from home, wherever you are! 

*First payment is made upfront, then subsequent payments are on the 1st of every month in CAD. If you become a patron towards the end of the month, this might come across as a double charge; but the initial charge acts as payment for the month in which you became a patron and the next payment is for the month following. You may unsubscribe at anytime.

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About House of Eights Dance Studio

House of Eights is where Halifax’s dance community comes together. With over 30 classes a week in more than a dozen different styles, we offer drop-in dance classes for adults ages 16 & up in all levels, from absolute beginner to professional.

Styles offered include Hip Hop, Waacking, Contemporary, Jazz, Dancehall, House, Musical Theatre, Lyrical, K-Pop, Jazz Funk, & More!

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Here's a quick guide to our class levels and categories:

All Levels - Foundations:
No matter what choreography dance styles you might go into later, you want to start by building a strong foundation. These classes will focus on drilling basic grooves & technique, feeling the music, body awareness, control, and an elevated quality of movement. 

Beginner/Intermediate Choreography:
Start practicing choreography, unique to every instructor. Perfect for anyone who is starting to feel comfortable with foundations and wants to work on stylized choreography, musicality, and performance. When you take class, you get to experience different ways of fitting foundations together in a unique way, through the choreographer’s style.

Recommended Experience: Basic understanding of some foundational dance steps and techniques and/or other creative movement background (i.e. gymnastics, baton, pole, etc).
Intermediate Choreography:
For dancers looking for more of a challenge than a beg/inter class. The focus will be on challenging experienced dancers to help them grow.

Recommended Experience: strong grasp of dance foundations as well as comfortable in beg/inter choreography classes.

Advanced Choreography:
For dancers seeking a challenging, fast-paced, and complex class. These classes cater to very experienced dancers, pre-professional, and professional dancers.

Experience: extensive dance training with strong foundations, as well as comfortable performing in various levels of choreography classes.

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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