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About House of Chop

Welcome to the HOC! Here at the House of Chop, we love making things and having fun doing it. After having a blast on Instagram, sharing HOC's daily making and behind the scenes shenanigans, this year we're branching out to YouTube with awesome maker videos that hopefully bring a smile to your face.

We're jumping on Patreon to create more ways to connect with this amazing community of makers, have fun together, and support and learn from each other. With your support, we will be able to cover the costs of creating new YouTube videos each month, and try some new methods of connecting, like group video calls with special guests.

If you like what the HOC is all about, pick one of our Patreon tiers for access to Patreon-only content, first dibs and one-on-one calls →  →  →  →  →

From everyone in our tree fort - Lee, Oksana, Chop, and the flying winged wonder, Tiglet - THANK YOU for your support!
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