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About How Did We Not Know That

Each week sit down with Jac and Nat as we have a conversation about important events in history that we literally didn’t know about.

We got the idea to start this podcast because while we were studying for the Foreign Service Officer Test and started to realize how much we didn’t know about basically everything important.

We’ll also have some cool guests AKA our friends from around the world who are going to tell us about the history about where they come from.

So come join us in our attempt to become more educated members of society and the world as we ask “How did we not know that?”

A quick disclaimer to our listeners:

Please remember that we are both just two friends with microphones in our bedrooms talking about world events and history. We do our best to cite our sources and fact check the information we present, but we are also humans and make mistakes so please be nice.

Follow us on all social media @howdidwenotknowthat for more updates on the podcast.

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