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3d printing in many forms started by using weed wacker / trimmer line for filament, hence the 3mm, and 1.75mm requirements for most printers. In recongnition of this, I plan to experiment with a near similar item.

I present to you the experimental candy extruder! Shoe string licorice melts at 240C which is totally obtainable with a 3d printer.

In order to make this happen I am going to need a new hotend, extruder, and nozzle inorder to keep it food safe, and also not to have the previously extruded filaments mess with the licorice that i plan to try to use as filament.
Reason 2, who knows if this will work. But by becoming a patron you can help make it a possibility. 

At the $150 mark I will purchase the nessecary materials to release a video on the attempts, and hopeful results of candy extrusion that doesn't cost $30,000
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