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Myrtle the Matiz
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Ian bought this Matiz brand new in 1999. He sold it after 18 months, then managed to find it again! Your support helps with the general upkeep of this car, and winter storage, for he really can't face parting with this cute Korean minicar for a second time...

Just take my money!
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This is the vanilla option for those who would just like to support the entire concept of HubNut. There are many costs associated with running the channel - equipment, fuel, more equipment, sandwiches etc. Oh, and cat food for George. Can I claim that as a business expense? Anyway, this is the option for those with no desire to focus on just one vehicle.

Fox Paint Job
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Project Fox desperately needs a paint job. Your contribution could help make that happen! Names will be added to the inside of the load bay.



About HubNut

HubNut is a video channel dedicated to the less glamorous side of old cars. We're not interested in Ferraris and Lamborghinis, but prefer the unsung heroes of yesteryear. Most of the time, anyway.

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