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Hey everyone I am Hubalubalu. It might sound weird, but this was the name, like most of you, that I choose to have as my Gamer accounts.
About me : Born and live in LA. Not much time for games as a kid, I mostly played sports, went to college for football. Graduated and finally turned into an adult and have to time to collect, talk, and enjoy video games and art that I obtain from limited publishers and my travels. I upload HD and unique style videos of unboxings and go as in depth into Collector's Editions that I can. However, this takes a toll on my $ obviously.. :/ 
So, I thought I would start a patreon. Doesn't hurt :) 
I also have traveled Japan for about 3 months and Australia for 2 and a half weeks. I just finished up going to Norway, Amsterdam, and England.
Thank you for tuning in! Any donations help and are appreciated! I love doing these Unboxings + Reviews for you all to enjoy!
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As it states, this gets me follow you on Twitter and Instagram and be available to you when ever I am messaged about anything. This also entails updates on timelines for reviews,  purchases and inside views of the process of my videos and unboxings with BTS clips.

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