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About Northwood Studios

About Us

   Founded by Hubert Moszka, the team has gathered the power of 100+ people from different nationalities. As we continue to grow, we will always try to provide our supporters with the best we can offer. As a studio whose sole purpose is making games, we keep pursuing technical- and artistic excellence. All in the hope of providing you, the user, with the best experience possible.


   The members of our team are working hard to provide you with the quality content you expect from us. This process, and many aspects thereof, requires funding. Funding that will only be used to improve your experience of our product. Without your help, Northwood would not be what it is, and your support is crucial to us.

SCP: Secret Laboratory

   Our main focus, at the moment, is SCP:SL, a free, multiplayer game set within the SCP universe. As the player, you are integrated into this expanded universe of monsters and paranormal phenomena with only one objective — survive.
   Amidst the chaos of a disastrous mass containment failure at the supposed “master site”, Site-02, you fight your way to the top alongside — and against — other players. From devious D-Class and cunning scientists, to elite Mobile Task Force units (MTF), rebellious Chaos Insurgency (CI), and even the horrific SCP Entities, there are many key roles to play in this gruesome affair, so... How will you act amidst a containment breach?
   Below you will find some examples of what we’ve already created, all thanks to your support.

Full Transparency

   Since the development is currently powered entirely by Patreon donations, we adhere to the principle of 100% financial transparency. Any purchases, or other expenses, made by the studio are documented to make sure our supporters know what they pay for. If you believe our efforts are not worth the money you have invested in our project — you can always request a refund. For more details, please read "Disclaimers" below.


⦁ To receive full Patreon benefits, you need to be our Discord server member. You can join here:
⦁ Being a Patreon supporter does not mean that you are immune to any sort of repercussions. You can still get banned for cheating, exploiting or breaking community rules, even if it limits your access to the benefits you pay for. The rules apply for everyone, regardless of benefits received.
⦁ You are allowed to request a refund of the previous Patreon pledge, if you are not satisfied with the benefits of the subscription. This is only valid for the last payment you made, and does not apply if you have broken any community rules, or got banned for whichever reason. Along with the aforementioned, it does not apply to the Beta that you have access to, if it was released within the month of your cancelled subscription.
⦁ The content of the posts (including text, images, videos, audio assets), is considered separate work, which is not directly related to the SCP Foundation, and is not licensed under the Creative Commons license. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, Northwood reserves all rights to the content of posts that haven't been publicly released ("publicly released" - available to everyone, free of charge). Do not share any Patreon-exclusive content, and avoid any public discussions about it until it's officially been released to the public by Northwood. Unintentional leaks must be reported immediately to the Patreon Representatives on Discord. Intentional sharing is considered illegal and will result in limiting, or withdrawal, of Patreon benefits with no option to refund the donated money.

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More Efficient Development: At this threshold, we're getting enough money to keep the development at an optimal level, as we don't have to save for several months in order to complete a certain goal. Any excess money is never wasted, as we save it for later, increasing our financial security.
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