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You're a member of the intellectual vanguard of the HH community.  You expect, and deserve, to receive information before it is disseminated to the proletariat. Accordingly, you'll have access to each article published by HH one week before it is published for general consumption. This will enable you to make accurate predictions about news to your friends, and, therefore, substantiate rumors of your Deep State connections.


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Here's your chance to buy yourself into dignitary status.  In addition to receiving the benefits of an Apparatchik, you'll be consulted when we need "on the ground" intelligence as fodder for new articles.  You'll receive a 20% discount on select HH merchandise, likely manufactured in communist China and made possible through generous subsidizes by working-class readers of HH for your ordinary and necessary consumption.

Propaganda Minister

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You're not just a dignitary, but an active participant in forming truths.  In addition to enjoying all privileges of Apparatchiks and Ambassadors, you'll command a seat among fellow Propaganda Ministers at the Ministry of Truth, a private Discord forum, where you'll receive classified briefings and exercise enhanced influence in decisions on public messaging.  Of course, with reward comes responsibility.  We expect you'll do your best to surveil and control the expression of opinions concerning HH on social media within your sphere of influence, and dispense punishment to the undesirables when appropriate.  Because it's critical to have the media on your side when propagating truths, authors will receive $4 of each $8 donation monthly donation.

About The Hubris Herald

A Moral Journey Enabled Through Humor.
Hubris Media, Inc., headquartered in Michigan, is the owner of The Hubris Herald ("HH"), a satirical news and opinion Patreon page founded in May 2019.  Although our articles tend to satirize the excesses of the political left (at this moment in time, identity politics and neo-Marxism provide the most fertile ground for material), we don't have a partisan agenda.  Our goal is purely to provoke inquiry - and where necessary, ridicule - by illuminating the absurdity of certain sociopolitical beliefs and behaviors increasingly prevalent in the United States.  In this regard, we are guided by the words of the French poet Jean de Santeul (1630-97), who coined the phrase "castigat ridendo mores" (humor corrects morals). Humor, we believe, liberates us from the taboos that impair evidenced-based reasoning, the lack of which is the active ingredient in all civilization-eroding fanaticism.

Our Authors.
Our authors are diverse not just in race, ethnicity, and sex, but, more importantly, in philosophical views.  Among them are professors, homemakers, corporate executives, law enforcement personnel, professional satire writers, and best-selling book authors.  All of them contribute articles to HH on a freelance basis.  We would love to eventually hire full-time staff writers, and with your financial support, that is a realistic possibility.
How We Plan to Financially Sustain HH For the Long-Term.
Like many news/satire sites, we'll sell basic merchandise (e.g., apparel, themed calendars, bounded compilations of articles), but that revenue source alone will not come close to funding high quality content or the other expenses detailed below.

So... that leaves donors like you.  Your donations will be our primary means of financial sustainability over the life of this endeavor.

What We'll Use the Money For.
Here's what we'll use your donations for:

  • Advertising.  We'll have to purchase some advertising of our own to generate the traffic we'll need to justify the expenditures of your hard-earned money.  Most of our advertising dollars will be spent through social media channels.
  • Our authors' fees.  Of course, this is the single largest expense we now have and will ever have.  Unlike the foregoing expenses, we love to pay our authors, and hope we can pay more of them, and in higher amounts, to continue to acquire the very best satire content for your enjoyment.
If you have any questions, you're free to email us at [email protected]

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