Hugo is creating drawings and art

Water Elf

$1 /mo
Water is the source of all life that we know of. 

You'll have a place in my heart, and 72% of the rest of my body

Cucumber Water Elf

$2 /mo
A little bit more refreshing than a standard water elf, but reaps essentially the same benefits. 

Darling Sprout

$3 /mo
I will follow you on twitter, if I don't already.

Plants like you are what turn the sun and air into carbon that the world needs! Thank you!

Haunted Clay Doll

$5 /mo
Oh god, you exist. I will love you with the other ~25% of me that is carbon and stuff.

I will feel your dark presence everywhere I go in the Prime Material Plane, urging me to create

Dirt Goblin

$10 /mo
I will draw a picture for you of whatever you request, but it will be a little quick doodle-guy. 

Dirt is important and powerful; it contains a hidden network of important fungi!


$17.76 /mo
  • I will mail you a copy of Greems 4 Keems, the Zyn for Kyn

Briggans are a type of mischievous woods sprite, which is cool! Show your love of plants by getting this tier!