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Oaf Juice Connoisseur

$2 /mo
  • Access to our exclusive Bonus Podcast
  • A cool postcard signed by the boys welcoming you to the gang!

Sweet Beater

$5 /mo
  • PINS!!!! You’ll get the current collector’s pin, plus you’ll receive each new pin as it comes out! We’ll be putting one out every six months
  • A bunch of stickers and bookmark
  • Plus all previous rewards

The Spoiler

$20 /mo
  • A T-SHIRT!!! You pick your favorite Human Echoes or Writer’s Arena t-shirt, tell us the color and all that stuff, and you get one! WHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  • Plus all previous rewards

Magnificent Octoshark

$1,000 /mo
  • The HIPSTER PRIZE BOX!!!!!!!! We…we actually have no idea what this entails. We’re going to throw some money at Al and let him make the most esoteric gift box ever.
  • Plus all previous rewards