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  • Feel awesome knowing that you're helping us provide a community for secular people on the Palouse

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  • We will be non-eternally grateful!

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  • Receive a handwritten thank you note

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  • Become a Supporting Member. This level will really help Humanists of the Palouse sustain our programs. We'll show our gratitiude by thanking you on our website (if you so desire)

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  • Receive a set of our coveted, hand-crafted Unicorn Poop Jewelry (this is a real thing, we're serious)

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  • Receive a "Good Works in Non-Mysterious Ways" coffee mug

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  • Get a hand picked Humanists of the Palouse swag bag including t-shirts, books, bumper stickers, and more!

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  • Receive a VIP spot at our pre Darwin on the Palouse speakers dinner. Get a chance to dine with our esteemed guests before the Darwin on the Palouse event.