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About The House of Alexander

I'm Mitch, a game developer, writer and artist from Scotland! I'm interested in games that explore identity, sexuality, queerness, witchiness and Scottishness, and every intersection in-between.

I'm currently working on a bunch of different things, including small Twine games, essays, fiction and illustration. Some projects include:

  • EMANATIONS, a monthly webcomic about two exorcists uncovering lost queer cosmologies
  • THE NETHERHALL EXPERIMENTS, a short fiction series focusing on a trio of queer victorian researchers
  • WATER TEMPLE, a game about the crossover of cruising, dreams, and queerness

I've also recently worked on Tusks: The Orc Dating Sim, a visual novel about a group of queer orcs travelling through a semi-mythical version of Scotland!

Pledging any amount gets you access to my work before anyone else! Patreon pledges will allow me to spend more time creating games and writing for you folks -- a massive thank you to everyone who donates, your help is appreciated!

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