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New to the Hybridor universe? Go discover it on your favorite comic/image hosting website!

My name is Nicole Steinbacher. I'm the visual illustrator of the online webcomic Hybridor, a visual comic novel written by myself and my co-writer and adviser, Jonathan Rivera. Most people know us as Ulta and Crisis (respectively) on the internet.

You can just call me Nicole,
just so that Ulta herself doesn't get an even worse identity crisis on her hands.

Let's get down to business! What am I doing here on Patreon? You're just reading this cause it's related to Hybridor stuff right?

Here's the scoop. I make a webcomic. A really BIG one. In fact, there is enough story and world in it to explore that I could spend my whole life creating and writing stories about it. And I wanna do that! But there is a big problem in the way of seeing this project to it's completion and beyond.

And that is...real life is constantly interrupting the process of making it. So much so the chances of Hybridor being put on an indefinite hiatus is very high.

Real life doesn't allow the time usually to let people pursue their dreams, and this is no different. I've been lucky so far though. I've been able to have 5 days a week dedicated to just Hybridor production, since my current job is only on weekends, and my currently location is cheap enough for me to afford on my meager funds.

But I will not always be this lucky. This location has people in it that do NOT support what I'm doing, and I'm subjected to constant scorn and criticism that what I'm doing is a waste of time. It will only be a matter of time before I will be forced to get a full-time job, just so I can keep a roof over my head and myself fed. And when that happens, Hybridor will have to be put on hold, just on the account that I have little to no time to work on it.

Basically, Hybridor is on a timer. But with YOUR help, you can keep it from meeting an early end!

And that's why I'm here on Patreon. To provide a place for supporters like YOU to help keep the comic alive and thriving. And you get some sweet rewards for doing so!

For a small bit of money monthly, you'll get early access to comic pages, and even access to interactive events like character cameos and even directly interacting with the characters and makers of Hybridor? And not only that, but you can acquire artwork requests from myself!

And the best part, is you don't have to contribute a thing to still read the story/comic that is Hybridor!

Right I suppose they wouldn't know what money is. But that's okay! You all do, and that's what matters!

That's where Patreon comes into play. I would love nothing more than to dedicate all the time in the world to making Hybridor even better and having enough time to see it through to it's completion and beyond. But right now, I have a real life job that interferes with time put into making the comic and anything related to it.

But with YOUR help, I can one day put aside that job and finally focus completely on Hybridor. Even if you donate just $1 a month, you are making a DIFFERENCE! Together, we can bring this project to new heights. Myself and Joni can actually fulfill our old dreams of using our talents to make something wonderful. Something we can leave behind in this world that left a positive impression on any who took the time to give it a chance. And the best part is, you all get some sweet rewards for your support. And I ain't just talking about our undying gratitude!

Still interested?

Then read on then!

So you actually wish to donate some money and get some neat rewards in the process. What are your options?
Tier 1: Ampha Rank (1$)
Supporters of this rank unlock access to the Hybridor Discord server, where our budding community comes to chat and interact with each other and the makers of the Hybridor comic! You also unlock early access to announcements for special events. All events will be public at some point, but knowing they are happening before anyone else can give you an edge! Events include Visual Character Interviews and the more popular early announcements for Contest, which always have your character appearing in the comic itself as a prize! Any other future events I can think of will also fall into this rank.

Tier 2: Elmin Rank (2$)
Along with all previous tier rewards, supporters of this rank get to see comic pages and other large art projects (including Animations) early! A simple and sweet reward that's worth that extra buck!

Tier 4: Hybridor Rank (20$)
Along with all previous tier rewards, supporters of this rank get the ability to request 1 Flat-colored Full-body image from myself for each month you pledge in this tier! But there's only a limited number of slots available, so get in before it fills up! Limited to 1 image per supporter per month. Image content is subjected to certain rules, including no NSFW material.

And there you have it. To anyone who is taking the time to read this and support us...

We will do our absolute all in making sure everyone who chooses to support us will be not just rewarded, but fulfilled in knowing you are helping creative individuals earn a living with something they love doing. You all can make this possible...
23% complete
The goal of self-sufficiency. If this goal is reached, I will be able to completely live on my own and focus fully on Hybridor and all it's elements while still keeping food on the table and a roof over my head. If this is reached, I can start work on several possible series to be done alongside Hybridor (all related to it and it's lore). I will also be doing active attempts to get even more help for Hybridor's production so it can be at it's BEST! Basically anything I can do Hybridor-related, I will do it! But this time, with you all at my side as one big Hybridor family =)
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