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Well hello there! 🤗 Thanks for stopping by my Patreon page! My name is Andrew! Some call me Andy some call me Hype, but I am here to bring the highest vibrations to Earth using what I know best. Making people happy, making them laugh, gaming and creating content for my viewers, is just a few things I am great at! I am incredibly tech-savvy and strive to be the best at what I do! Currently working a single job as a IT support specialist but it certainly isn't what I am most passionate about, even though I am somewhat okay with the work. Supporting my Patreon would me the world to me because unfortunately in this world we all need help sometimes! Someone to lean on, talk to, someone to just be there. I am asking for your help from the bottom of my Big ol' Heart, to please make a kind monetary donation of your choosing, to help me create the greatest content the world has ever seen. With the pedal to the floor, I am driven to make this into a lasting career! As a limitless being with maximum potential like all of YOU beautiful souls, I won't stop at having average content.
It must become Divine Greatness! 
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