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is creating Hyperspin Content and Server support
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Hyper Arcade Systems - Content and Server support

First off, this page is mainly for drive holders. And id like to take the time to personally thank you guys for the continued support. You know how much work goes into all this, as you see the daily posts. But things I believe are slowing down in the hyperspin scene. And my servers cost me a lot to keep the drive going. You all know how dedicated I am to the cause and for over a few years now I havent put any additional cost on you guys, so if anybody would like to chip in to keep the updates going. Id really appreciate it. You all know the support will be there. So id very much appreciate it if you could give a little back. Anything is appreciated. 2018 is going to be a great year, and Im going to make this drive perfect.

Thank you again

Christopher Shaw

$458 of $650 per month
This is the cost of the servers on a monthly basis. This will keep everything going, and ensure that the files remain intact. Meaning if your drive dies, it will always be here for redownloading.

Covers 6 8TB servers at 88 each + 2 2TB Servers at 22 each. Total is 672 US dollars a month.

It will also ensure that you get new content added on a regular basis.
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