Drexy Heker are creating Youtube Content gaming videos and meme videos and more


$1 /mo
You get meme role in discord so you stand out like a child!

VIP Memer

$5 /mo
you get VIP memer and stand out even more you get some bot commands too!!!!!


$10 /mo
You stand out so much and get special recognition from us and once a month can request a meme or video to make


$20 /mo
you are heker get all bot commands and access to the special bot channel and get to request a video every 2 weeks!


$50 /mo
Ok then request a very specific video once a week and get special god role on discord. You get a special thank you at end of every video as well. And shout out. As well you will be recorded with if...


$100 /mo
Ok you get something special of request and such shout outs such much yyyyeeeeetttt... Join us for live streams and much more. yeah so please choose this if you want special privileges. Oh yeah we ...