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Hyperbolic Game Chamber is a comedy podcast about video games. More specifically, the writing in said video games. Plots in video games tend to be completely absurd, bizarre and sometimes nonsensical journeys into insanity, and that’s exactly why we love them.
We’re not talking about the gripping emotional story of The Last of Us or the memorable personal stories you’d find in something from Telltale Games. No, we’re talking about the really wild stuff, like werewolves fighting vampire Hitler (Operation: Darkness), a desperate race to stop a monster lady from artificially inseminating herself (Parasite Eve), or really anything that happens in any given Resident Evil.
That stuff is bananas, and THAT is why we love them. Video games are full ridiculous weirdness and we want to celebrate that. And mock, but mostly celebrate. Every episode, we’ll highlight a different game and focus almost entirely on the story. We’re not a review show, so our goal isn’t to tell you whether or not a title is a good game, but rather to point out the really silly stuff, talk about it, and have a good time.
Because that’s what video games are for: having a good time. And sometimes watching Dracula punch Satan in the face, but mostly the other thing.
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While our current set-up is workable, it's far from perfect. A second microphone would help both with the audio quality, but also with behind the scene things like editing and balancing. Better audio software wouldn't hurt either. We want to put out the best content we can, and it turns out the tools to do that aren't cheap.
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