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About B.

Hello, internet friends! I'm B. I write candidly about disability, trauma, and stress-management on various platforms. I run an Instagram account that spotlights media created by bisexual/pansexual artists, and my cat inspires the Twittersphere to stay hydrated. 

Patreon is a convenient way for you to help support my work and my continued existence on this planet. As a disabled person who is only able to work part-time, the income from Patreon means survival - food, rent, and medical care.

Patronage at any level primarily means I get to continue writing the informational/educational content that brought you to this page, whether that is on Twitter, Instagram, or other published work. It also means you get access to very occasional blog posts about my day-to-day illness/disability life that I am more comfortable sharing where they can't be broadcast to the entire universe. My life evolves all the time, and what I create and publish on this platform will be in perpetual flux depending on my health... because of this, I don't make promises about how often blog posts or updates will go up. But I DO promise that if I am able to write something that's on my heart, my patrons will always be the first to hear it.

It means so much to me that you are even considering supporting my livelihood, and every pledge makes a difference in my financial stability. Thank you for being here. 

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If we hit this goal, I can officially set aside my search for an additional podcast to produce, and focus on my physical health and longer-term writing projects. This would be an ENORMOUS weight off my mind, and we should celebrate with a movie livestream!  
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 43 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 43 exclusive posts

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