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We will be diving deep into the taboo subject of the occult and paranormal, experimenting and innovating new ways to research the paranormal and also prove there is legitimatly life after death. We will look into various cultures occult like RITUALS and beliefs and be putting everything on the line to ensure our content is much more advanced in the techniques used to document activity and evidence, we have already come up with ways to take what is out there and tweaking it to add a bit more authentication to the evidence captured. We will be taking you on paranormal investigations where unlike most content that you see which falls into the paranormal realm, we can assure you all that you HAVEN’T SEEN ANYTHING CLOSE TO THIS YET. I was born beat, bruised w/broken bones. My bloodline is cursed. My whole life has been stranger then a Steven King novel. Mediums/walking angels have stated my aura is the brightest, most vibrant/intense energy they’ve seen. So I’m a cursed light worker whose told I play a pivotal part in the battle between good & evil. My wife is a powerful empath who is now opening up/learning to control her abilities. She has MS like symptoms for years but told it may be energy related.

Open your mind and let us do the scary part of seeking out the answers all us wish to find in these topics. We are 100% real and so is our Content. We respect and appreciate every cultures beliefs and just seek to learn more about them and how they tie into this content. We do not believe in making a martyr out of anyone or anything just for money. We are legit researchers and Investigators that wish to help answer life's most tedious questions. 
Stay tuned.

Hysterically ERADIK
-Branden C. McCormick, Ashley McCormick

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