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is creating Free Open Source Software
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About Diego Islas Ocampo - Hyuchia

Hi there! My name is Diego Islas Ocampo, I'm a developer that really enjoys creating FOSS projects that are useful and help people in some way.

My projects always follow certain rules:
  • Open Source code
  • Never include Ads
  • Always try to make it available for all platforms
  • Make it free or as affordable as it can get (Currently all my projects are free and I hope they'll stay that way with your help!)
  • Provide personalized support
  • Always make privacy and security a priority

So why Patreon?

I really enjoy creating all this projects, and I have a really strong belief that we all should be able to use the software without a paywall in front of us, I want to continue creating tools made for people, not for clients. With your support I'll continue on this mission of creating simple software that we all can use, software that respects our freedom, privacy and never sees us as just another number.

My Lead Projects:

Skrifa: A simple note taking application for your computer focused on privacy, using PGP keys to encrypt all your notes by default.

Monogatari: A modern visual novel engine that takes advantage of modern web technologies to provide functionality that visual novels had never seen before.

Aegis: A web development framework that aims to be minimal and yet fully featured, featuring flavors for PHP, NodeJS and Rust, this framework is the base for all my other projects!

Other Projects:

Colors: The last color palette you'll ever need.

Kirino: A simple chatbot focused on providing a simple project to build when learning a new programming language.

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