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About IAmZamber

Hello Everyone!
I have been making content on Youtube for over three years and made connections with so many amazing individuals through the comment sections! I decided that Patreon might be the best way to give my thanks and appreciation back to all of you that have supported me. I want to make consistent content and expanded greater..... by starting... ANIME REACTIONS!!!! :P (and maybe more.... but baby steps :P )

By joining my Patreon, you will be giving yourself access to voting on weekly polls, live chats, exclusive content and wayyyyy more! My Youtube has become such a large part of my life and I only want to improve the content that I give to you all!
Thank you Zamily!!!

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  • Access to voting polls
  • Discord Only Chat Rooms
  • Behind the scenes Bloopers from videos
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~ It's Casual ~
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  • Uncut Reactions to Cartoons (Steven Universe, Voltron, She-Ra)
  • Access to Old Reaction Videos
  • All previous rewards included
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This Tier is for those who love anime! You get to vote on what anime you want me to react too! You also get access to the full uncut anime reactions!


  • Access to Uncut Anime Reactions
  • Voting in Upcoming Anime Reaction Polls
  • Your Name Featured in the Youtube Edited Anime Reaction
  • All previous rewards included
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MOVIES WITH ZAMBER?!?! You get to vote on what movies (anime or non anime) you want me to react too! You also get access to the full uncut movie reactions!


  • Access to Uncut Movie Reactions
  • Suggest and Vote in the Monthly Movie and Series/Anime (6-7 episodes) Reaction Poll. One Movie and One Anime (6-7 episodes) will be voted each month.
  • Your Name Will Be Featured in Every Video Description 
  • All previous rewards included...

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Request Tier
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This Tier's Rewards will not be open/fullfilled until November!

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$1,638 of $2,000 per month
Once I hit this $2,000 goal, Patreon gets to suggest on another anime reaction to add to the weekly Youtube upload! A new Tuesday anime reaction slot every week on patreon and youtube!

Patrons will get to suggest the anime series they want to be voted on by both Youtube and Patreon!!!!

This goal will allow me more time and flexibility to open up more Reaction Request Slots as well! :D
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