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About I Believe in Science - أنا أصدق العلم

For 6 years I Believe in Science has been creating scientific content in Arabic. The primary Facebook page is approaching 2 million fans, and our "Theory of Evolution" page is quickly approaching 500K followers.
Our goal is to enlighten the Arabic population by creating a trustworthy and reliable source of scientific news and information in Arabic.
We are also creating the FIRST & ONLY Arabic database explaining the theory of Evolution, its history, its evidences and clarifying the misconceptions about it.

We would like to take things to the next step!

The project is currently relying on volunteers who are working day and night on writing and designing articles and posts about Science without any external help or assistance, we have so far built a database of more than 20,000 articles on our website, with daily visits exceeding 50,000.

We are currently in the process of registering the project as a legal entity in the MENA region and the world.
We are also expanding our website hosting plan, and we are planning to hire professional designers and editors to further enhance the quality of our products.
Such big step require finances that we're lacking. The hostile and turbulent environment governing the region is a very big obstacle for our enhancement plans.

If this campaign is successful we will be able tackle larger projects. Such as original science videos produced in Arabic, a scientific magazine and awareness campaigns to help establish a better future for the younger generations.

No matter what language you speak, please consider supporting this project. This page has already helped popularize science in many Arabic speaking countries. Knowing about science also promotes rationality, logic, and the free exchange of ideas.  From what has been accomplished so far, the Arabic world wants to keep up with science and technology, for a small monthly pledge you can help! Progress and updates will be posted in English and Arabic through Patreon a few times a month.

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Theory of Evolution page  

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Your support is pretty much appreciated !

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