is creating drawings, and watercolor, but as she grows so will her mediums!




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As I progressed through my college life I came to the discovery that joy should be prioritized over money, thus from Mathematics, I changed my major to art (Hence the name, ICMMTA). When I recount this occurrence people are often surprised by the sudden shift, as the two subjects seem as far apart from each other as one end of the world is from the other. However, I think this gap is a lot smaller than is often realized. Many artistic precepts are found in mathematics such as the Fibonacci sequence and the ideas of symmetry or perspective. In my art style, one can commonly see the influences of my study of Mathematics as a predominant feature of my creations as hard lines and geometric shapes are generally staples. I hope that anyone who comes across my art, even if it isn't to their taste, can come away and realize things are far more connected and close than they may have ever thought. 

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