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About I Can Bake That

I'm just a beginning baker trying to learn how to become better. Along the way, I'm gonna keep laughing at myself. Hopefully you're laughing, too.

Are you looking for new recipes to build your skills? Maybe you want to watch a different kind of baking video? Or maybe you're just a food video junkie, in which case, well, you're gonna LOVE this. Any of the above and more, I Can Bake That is the place for you.

In every I Can Bake That video, you won't just find the standard wholesome-host-makes-a-baked-good-in-super-fast-time style. For one, I'm not all that wholesome. For two, I'm not very talented. For three, longer videos do better on YouTube *wink wink*. What you will find is a (hopefully) entertaining, (crosses fingers) funny, and (most of all) encouragement to learn. Because that's what I'm doing: learning.

You'll follow on my journey as I learn how to bake. And also hopefully convince The Great British Bake Off to allow a filthy American to compete on the show.

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