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I'll post - at a minimum - once a week answering a question about international development jobs. It will be a mix of new questions and old ones I think people could benefit from. You can post subscriber questions in the community comments, and I'll answer them. 

This is version 2.0 of the International Development Careers List, dedicated to helping people get their foot in the door of an international development career. Run by Alanna Shaikh of Blood & Milk and This World Needs Brave

I loved running IDCL - the people I met through doing it, and the way I could help subscribers find their way through the thicket that is job searching. I only shut the list down when the service I used stopped operating. Patreon seems like the best way to get things going again.

Note: the content here will be useful primarily for people in entry-level and mid-level roles, or people looking for their first job in the sector. If you're at a more senior place in your career, you'd be better suited by coaching - check out my website for more information on coaching. 
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