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Hi, I am Kash Khan , the founder of Educate Inspire Change which was created back in 2012. Since then the page has came along way inspiring millions around the world every week for several years.
Earlier this year I went to a plant medicine retreat in South America to drink an ancient shamanic brew called Ayahuasca. I spent 8 nights in total drinking this medicine and it totally transformed my life and helped me to find my voice, discover my true purpose and was the catalyst behind all the new original content that I am creating now.
I am in the process of creating two documentaries centred around this magical plant medicine. I am also launching a podcast show where I will be interviewing exciting guests every week with the sole purpose to educate and inspire our viewers. All of this is of course comes at a cost and for many years I have been providing absolutely free content to all of my followers and I really want to keep it that way but I have taken the decision to create this Patreon page to ask for your help in supporting me on on my new found path. Patreon allows me to give you something back for your loyalty and support and means we can be even more of a community so this idea resonated with me.
I am completely devoted to raising the consciousness of the planet, this is my calling and I now realise that by creating more original content with my own messages of truth, I can create a much stronger and lasting impact by really connecting with all of you on a much deeper level.
7 years ago I wrote this as my mission and vision and it has not changed : '' We plan to create and achieve solutions to the world's current problems, we believe that reliance on individual responsibility and positive action is more effective than reliance on government policies and programs. Knowledge is the key, but in order to put knowledge to good use we must inspire eachother to ultimately change the world we live in. With education , inspiration and cooperation, people can take action to implement solutions in their daily lives which will be for the betterment of all people. In order to secure a bright future for our children we must realise the limitless potential within each of us. We will look to unite the world under love and as one race, the human race .''
Here is a video I made recently about how my Ayahuasca journey:

So as you can see, by getting back in touch with nature and doing some serious soul seatching I have started on the road to fulfill my purpose in life which is to help people heal and to inspire people to be the change they wish to see in the world.

Here is another video about the importance of unlearning everything you have been told to believe and to start thinking for yourself:

I also feel very passionately about education and feel strongly that we need to drastically change our approach to educating children. This is another video I made recently on that topic:

So as you now know the path I am on has given me the inspiration to start making videos content regularly with the sole purpose to educate and inspire those who watch. On top of making video content, I create images and articles daily and am also embarking on two very large projects which are in the form of documentaries centred around healing and plant medicine.
Here is a trailer for the first documentary I am creating  called 'Awakening The Soul':
(My dear friend Samuel Austin deserves a big mention as he is the film maker and editor behind this specific film and I am very grateful to have his expertise and skills on this project)

All of the work I'm doing takes a great deal of time, energy and money. Which is why I've taken the decision to make this page and to reach out to all of you. Your love and support is what has gotten me to this stage and now your added support will help EIC get to the next level so that we can educate and inspire even more people in a  much more impactful and lasting way.

Long term I hope to expand Educate Inspire Change and work closely with children and adults around the world in a much more hands on basis so everything you support me with will go a long way to helping Educate Inspire Change to grow and spread love and inspiration around the world.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this page and I hope we can connect more through this site and work together to make the world a better place for all beings.

With gratitude,

Kash Khan

Update* We are in the process of creating an EIC shop so by becoming a Patreon you will get exclusive access and freebies in the form of Merchandise when it's launched.
Also, I will be posting exclusive behind the scene video content here from my stays at Plant medicine retreats where you can see what's going on and even interact with me on Live video calls. - Kash Khan

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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