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You are now living in the new village and are striving to support the community by protecting it as warrior. For that you are regularly paid by the village council.

Rewards (total amount)

4x Chapter Previews of Spearmaster
4x Chapter Part Previews of Hachinan
4x Chapter Previews of Nidoume
4x Chapter Previews of Dungeon Battle
8x Chapter Part Previews of Allrounders!!


  • Illustrations
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You  are living from trading with the village and are striving to support the community by providing lacking merchandise. For that you are regularly paid by the village council. 

Rewards (total amount)

5x Chapter Previews of Spearmaster
5x Chapter Part Previews of Hachinan
5x Chapter Previews of Nidoume
5x Chapter Previews of Dungeon Battle 
10x Chapter Part Previews of Allrounders!!


  • Illustrations
  • Patron-only content feed
  • Patron-only polls
Includes Discord benefits

Town Council Member

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A new village has been built. Now it's time for you to shine by leading the village into prosperity and riches. Your task bears a heavy responsibility for the entire community.

Rewards (total amount)

8x Chapter Previews of Spearmaster
8x Chapter Part Previews of Hachinan
8x Chapter Previews of Nidoume
8x Chapter Previews of Dungeon Battle 
16x Chapter Part Previews of Allrounders!!


  • Illustrations
  • Patron-only content feed
  • Patron-only polls
Includes Discord benefits



About Infinite Novel Translations

Welcome to the Patreon Page of Infinite Novel Translations!

Infinite Novel Translation is a group that translates Japanese web novels. Our current lineup is Hachinan tte, sore wa nai deshou, The Spearmaster and The Black Cat, Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de, Hakai no Miko, Dungeon Battle Royale, Tale of the Mismarca Kingdom and Summoned Slaughterer!

To offer, you the patrons, some bonuses and entertainment, we have started the event-driven Patreon Game called The Rise of Asuria Oukoku, which is basically a text-driven world-building game.

The game will allow you, together with the other patrons, to  preview not-yet-released chapters of your favorite series by accomplishing various events, in addition to the regular Tier awards.

Everyone who becomes a patron is eligible to participate in the game, thus, don't be shy and join the game !!!

Please make sure to do the following upon joining:

  • Read the game rules carefully
  • Join our Discord server aka claim the Discord awards which are part of your Tier. In case Patreon fails to give you your Discord award, please contact us here. Feel free to use our Discord server to coordinate the game efforts with the other players!



How do I claim my rewards?

Quite a few people have mentioned that they don't understand how to claim their rewards.
On Patreon only unedited previews are released. You can access the latest preview posts by either scrolling down through the posts or searching for a specific series by the tags (click the pictures on the left side). Chapters that have already been released publicly should be read on the blog ( as you will be able to read edited (in most cases at least) versions of the chapters.

When will I be charged as Patron?

You will be immediately charged once upon joining and then at the beginning of each month.
Please note that if you join on the 30th, you will be charged on that day and then again on the 1st of the month.

When are you going to add the additional chapters for achieved goals?

Empirically the fluctuation on Patreon tends to be high when a new month starts (understandably). As I don't want to add the goal rewards immediately after hitting the goal, just to remove them again once the goal is un-achieved due to said fluctuation, the goal rewards will be added after +10% of the respective goal has been achieved.

When are you going to release the newest chapters?

The newest chapters for all series will be released up to 2 days after the latest public release. For example, the newest Spearmaster (public release every Friday) Preview will be released at latest on Sunday. Game rewards are excluded of this rule.

Are you going to make compiled volumes as PDF/EPUB of the series you are translating?

For the most part I'm translating web novels. Most web novels have arcs, not volumes like Light Novels. As for the currently single novel, where I'm translating the LN version: I will make a compiled PDF/EPUB version once the entire volume has been publicly released (optional, when I have time as my schedule is usually loaded with TLing, not compiling pretty LN volumes :p).

Can I request you to pick up new novels as Patron?

No. Currently my schedule is full.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us on the Discord server or via mail.

Currently Active Game Rewards

Interlude 3 of Nidome no Jinsei wo Isekai de Light Novel Volume 6
337 of 350 patrons
The metropolis keeps growing in size as a pulsating center of commerce. The number of citizens is steadily growing and suppression of the surrounding areas to gain more land to satisfy the growing needs of the people. At the same time, internal factional disputes are increasing in intensity. The various factions are striving for supremacy in the city. It's time to for the first direct clash of the various factions!

A poll will be set up for one month (only ones eligible to vote are those holding the highest authority in the city: Parliament Members and above, and who have supported the city for more than 2 months in their position, poll will be started once 350 +10% patrons are part of the community)

Reward: The winning faction's series will have an additional weekly release!!!
(In case it's a series released in parts, it will naturally be 2 parts per week)

Rank Changes and Upgrades:

9 of 12

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