Immense Possibilities is creating A TV/online series on building a future that works

$1 /creation
Our sincere thanks, and periodic updates on IP's progress through the season.

$3 /creation
An e-copy of Jeff Golden's novel, UNAFRAID: A Novel of the Possible (, plus periodic updates

$5 /creation
The almost unbelievably cool embroidered IP ball cap.

$10 /creation
Your  choice of two of Jeff's (real hold-in-your-hand) books.  See them at

$15 /creation
Your choice of two of Jeff's books plus the IP embroidered ball cap (above)

$25 /creation
The premiums above, plus a seat on IP's Production Advisory Circle, on a periodic Skype or phone call to advise IP's direction and selection of topics.

$50 /creation
The premiums above, plus two guest seats at IP's Ashland studio for a day of production, followed by dinner with Jeff and IP stalwarts in Ashland, Oregon.