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You are the sprinkles on our cupcake! Thank you for the support! With the sprinkles tier you'll have access to our monthly patreon updates!

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 Everyone in the Candy Tier will get:

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  • The ability to ask questions for our Q&A video
  • Access to the monthly Cosplay set on patreon with Charlie!
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The cookie tier is where the fun begins! You will be able to some creative input on the channel! 

  • Access to polls on what videos/shoots to do next
  • The ability to ask 5 questions for our monthly Q&A video
  • 25 Entries into the monthly merch drawing
  • Access to Patreon only Discord
  • Receive a high rez digital version of our Cosplay shoot with Charlie!




Hey everyone! Welcome to the "IRL Bros" Patreon page! My brother and I owe a HUGE thank you to all of our Patrons and hope to keep making awesome content for you! We offer some really cool rewards for your support so we hope you'll join us on our adventures! 
We hold monthly giveaways and whats great about them is that the entries don't disappear as long as you stay a patron! Meaning that the longer you stay a patron, the more entries you'll have! (The prizes change every month and are dependent on the number of patrons, but the more patrons, the crazier the prizes!!) 
And in addition to all of this we will be doing a monthly DOG COSPLAY SHOOT! That's right, Brenden's dog Charlie will be dressing up with Brenden and I to do a themed shoot! We will be holding polls on what we should do each month!

Because you are thinking of supporting the channel, we wanted to be open and honest about what the money will be used for!
Our current expenses are:
We will be using this money to pay our editor Allen, pay for our studio, and all of the other various expenses that come with running a youtube channel! (Internet, electric, gear that breaks (Which happens a lot -_-) and sometimes dog treats for charlie!)
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At 100 patrons we will be adding monthly stickers and/or small prints as a reward!
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